Aimee Pierce

I first attended Everton Football College in 2017. I joined the college being unaware on what I wanted to do next after leaving school, so it was a last-minute decision. I decided to join Everton as I have always enjoyed taking part in sport when growing up.

A new start for me was very nerve wrecking as I am a shy person and did not know anyone.  I studied the level 3 BTEC diploma which lasted for 2 years. Over the 2 years in Sixth Form, I began to see a massive change in myself and my confidence. During the 2 years, I was encouraged to start coaching athletes at Liverpool Harriers to help me complete my assignments and gain confidence in my ability. This was beneficial as it gave me experience of coaching and helped me build on myself as a person.

During my time at the college, I also had to complete my Maths and English GCSE.  I struggled a lot when completing exams as I did not have the confidence in myself, but I managed to finally pass my maths and English at the same time and could not have been more thankful for the support from the teachers who helped me get the grades I achieved.

The support of the tutors could not have been better, they are always there to help when needed, they will help you when you are struggling as well as helping you if you are going through a hard time. During my last year of college, I went through a lot and it was a very hard time for me but having the tutors to talk to during college time had a positive impact on myself.

My college time came to an end and I was unsure what steps I was going to take next. The college then advised me to take part in the new foundation degree in Sport Development and Coaching which they have put in place working with John Moore’s University. I had built a positive relationship with the teachers and they believed in me a lot, so I decided to take part in the course as it was suitable for me as I knew the teachers and it was working within a small environment, so it was beneficial to me. I am now on my last year of the foundation degree and will complete a full BSc (Honours) degree next year with LJMU. This degree has combined practical skills with academic undergraduate study. I have a placement with Team Equip coaching children within primary schools which has led to paid coaching work alongside my studies.

On the 22nd October 2020 I started my work placement experience with EQUIP at Liverpool Prep school. Before starting this placement, I was nervous and lacked in confidence as it was a new journey for me, and I am shy person when starting new things. When arriving at my first session which took part at the school, I was welcomed by two members of the EQUIP team Lucy and Kute who are the coaches I am working with throughout the placement.

The first session I took part in I helped Lucy set out the game before we went to get the children. The games we played with the year 2’s was stuck in the mud and froggy froggy. Kute then explained the rules to me and to help when needed.

I had knowledge of these two games as I used to lay it when I was little, so I felt relaxed and comfortable to help out.

I am now on my 5th week of placement and I have noticed a big difference to my confidence when working with the children at Liverpool Prep School as I will join in the activities and games when needed to help the children when struggling.

Completing this placement has been an eye opener for me as I have always wanted to work with children in primary schools but wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but from doing this I have realised that I would like to pursue to work with young children in primary schools in the future.

I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to the weeks I have left to complete the placement.