College Expectations

As you would expect we operate a Nil Satis Nisi Optimum approach to all we do. We have high expectations of all our staff and students and encourage them to be the best they can be. Teaching & learning is monitored for engagement and behaviour in addition to player attitude towards football and coaching.  Behaviour is monitored both positive and negative and we actively engage with parents/carers where appropriate to inform progress. Intervention and sanctions may be deployed where necessary and rewards and praise is celebrated throughout college. It should be noted that our students represent Everton College in a positive way and wear the uniform with pride and respect displaying an excellent approach to all aspects of college life.

In addition to engagement with teaching and learning and a positive attitude to football, attendance is key to student success. Evidence suggests that those students who attend college on a regular basis achieve positive outcomes. We have a strict attendance policy in line with National Department of Education requirements that students are required to follow.

When attending college, students are required to wear Everton uniform which is available to buy at a reduced cost. In addition, students may be required to buy additional playing equipment and kit such as protective equipment and football boots.  All students are required to take responsibility for their own learning, and it is expected that they bring their own stationary and equipment for all lessons.