About the College

Everton Football College is another first for Everton Football Club, offering alternative educational opportunities and experiences of the highest quality to young people and a mainstream academic education combined with football opportunities to post 16 students both within a sixth form setting and a university Higher Education offer. Our students are encouraged to celebrate their achievements and develop as independent, responsible and creative young people with a lifelong interest in learning and self-development. We believe our students should be free to:

  • Excel and achieve nothing but the best
  • Value the potential of team work
  • Enjoy new ways of thinking
  • Revel in learning
  • Tackle challenges without fear
  • Open new doors of opportunity
  • Nurture their talents and never give up

We promote the importance of the 3 Rs: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and use these as a basis of our award programme for those students who display these values. We believe parents/carers, staff and governors are equal partners in the pursuit of our aspirations. We are an outward-facing college, connected to and enriched by the communities we serve. Our direct association with Everton Football Club motivates and inspires our journey of success.